Tuesday, March 28, 2017

USPS issues booklet of 20 stamps for Flan & other Hispanic culinary delicacies

You can buy them at USPS.com
if your local post office does
not have them.

JG: Where are the pastelitos de guayaba?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba Begins in New York

MAGA Nuts Turn to Violence

Violence broke out at a Make America Great Again rally south of Los Angeles on Saturday [March 26, 2017] as supporters of President Trump scuffled with counter-protesters. About 2,000 Trumpism fans were gathered in Huntington Beach, California, when multiple fights erupted in the crowd. (The Week)

How to Explore Cuba Through Ernest Hemingway's Most Famous Novel (SUPERB ARTICLE, PHOTOS AND VIDEO)


Cuba Journal & Stanley Gibbons now have good relations. Thank You.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary designate, Sonny Perdue, pledges support for Cuba trade in Senate hearing

Yesterday, President of Engage Cuba, James Williams praised U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary designate Sonny Perdue for publicly supporting expanded trade with Cuba in his hearing before the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee about his nomination to be agriculture secretary.

Link to article

USA-Cuba trade is a win-win proposition for the citizens of the two neighboring countries.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


The Freedom Caucus are extreme GOP conservative Right-Wingers. A better name for them is Enemies of the Working Class

We can not let a tiny group of 30 know-nothings hijack the U.S. Government. 

U.S. Supreme Court won't throw out Menendez corruption case

I am going to issue the following prediction

Donald Trump will be a ONE TERM President.

His attempted repeal of the ACA yesterday was a fiasco. He favors his wealthy buddies. He is definitely not a friend of the working class.


The urgent problem of the genocidal Israeli government is solved by the UN security council having enough cojones to send a multilateral military force to depose Netanyahu and impose a Two Nation solution

The problem with that solution is that the Yankee imperialists are partners in crime with the Zionists, and the Yankees will veto it in the Security Council.

So, the Israeli Zionists will continue with their daily genocide and the world will continue weeping.

Benjamin Netanyahu must be removed from office by any means necessary.

Germany, France.the United Kingdom, Canada, and the EU should assemble such a  multinational military force and leave the Yankee imperialists out of it.


Friday, March 24, 2017

U.S. House of Representatives deals a severe blow to Donald Trump as it refuses to pass repeal of Obamacare


How sweet it is!

Tweet by Abby D. Phillip

Ryan announcing the death of AHCA vote at 4:00 pm. 
Pelosi and other Dems expected to celebrate at a rally outside of the Capitol at 4:00 pm

Trump's First Legislative Effort Fails as GOP Pulls Bill to Repeal Obamacare

Hanky Panky? The Chair Declares the House in Recess.

Ryan admits that the GOP bill will be defeated. The vote will come at 3:30 p.m. today.



USA people and their entreprenurs need to put People Before Profits

Watch live: House to vote on bill to replace Obamacare



Cuba Journal does not support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Repeal Donald Trump & the GOP.

Bob Menéndez: Enemigo de Cuba en crisis

El Tribunal Supremo de Estados Unidos no aceptó retirar cargos de corrupción contra el senador demócrata Bob Menéndez.